AAF Nashville

AAF Nashville is a non-profit organization for advertising professionals in the middle Tennessee area. Advertising, marketing, design, and communications firms of all sizes are represented on our membership list, as well as industry-related suppliers and national corporations with Nashville offices.

Board of Directors

Each May, a total of 15 directors are elected to oversee the happenings of AAFN. The really obsessed and gullible directors sign up for terms of up to 3 years. One of the great things about AAF Nashville is that our board is representative of our membership—some of us can spell, and some can’t. (The ones who can’t spell usually donate artwork in our Ads to Art Charity auction.)


Samara Anderson, redpepper

President Elect

Vice President

Drew Beamer, FoxFuel Creative

Nelson Eddy, DVL Seigenthaler


Kevin May, The Buntin Group

Immediate Past President see all presidents

Ben Thomas, The Buntin Group

Ad2 President


Matt Burch, Paramore

Henry Chassaignac, Zehnder Communications

Jeanine Mahone, BOHAN Advertising

Josh Miller, Horton Group

Brady Purnell, bohan

Paige Reese, FlyteVu

Deidre Wieszciecinski, OutFront Media

Legislative Representation

Executive Director

Mark Farrar, AAF Nashville